Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was riddled with affairs, scandals and heartbreak. However, when it all came to an end, the Princess of Wales reportedly had a surprising reaction to her divorce.

Charles and Diana were married in a luxurious royal wedding in 1981. After years of trust issues and Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, the Royals went through a bitter split. As a result, Diana received a large sum of money in their divorce settlement.

Princess Diana’s healer, Nish Joshi claimed Princes William and Harry’s mother was initially devastated by her break up with Prince Charles. The holistic health practitioner revealed Diana would often confide in him and seek guidance.

“She asked my advice about lots of things including heart surgeon Hasnat Khan – she was a good friend of Jemima Khan’s and confided in her too. She asked me about the traditions in Pakistan – what to wear, their customs and what it was like,” he told the Daily Mail

“I remember when she got her decree absolute from Charles, she called me up in tears. I said, ‘You’ll be fine.’ Then after a moment she collected herself and said, ‘Well, I suppose £21 million is not bad for an ex-nanny,’ which I thought was cute,” Joshi revealed.

Although Diana walked away with a larger bank account, she was forced to give up her title. In the biography “The Diana Chronicles,” Tina Brown revealed Queen Elizabeth couldn’t allow Diana to keep the title of Her Royal Highness. 

“The Queen was never going to let Diana keep the title,” she wrote.

Brown claimed the HRH title had “no constitutional meaning [but] it does denote a direct family connection to the Crown.”

The monarch couldn’t risk the Royal Family’s reputation if Diana chose to act out after their divorce. “Who knew where Diana’s private life might take her in her second act, and what kind of unforeseen difficulties might be caused by some ghastly second husband?” Brown wrote. 

Prince Charles and Princess Diana finalized their divorce in 1996. The following year, the Princess of Wales died from a car crash in Paris.