Princess Diana may have died 21 years ago, but her spirit continues to live on through her grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Ingrid Seward, a journalist for the Daily Mail, said that Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s looks, mannerisms, and personalities are quite similar to their grandmother. Both youngsters are determined, adventurous, and naughty.

Seward said that the last time she spoke with the Princess of Wales, she said that she wanted to have another child – a girl. The journalist said that if Princess Diana didn’t die, she might have been blessed with another child with Dodi Al Fayed or whoever she will marry after Prince Charles.

The journalist went on to compare Princess Diana with her grandchildren, particularly Princess Charlotte. When Prince William and Kate Middleton’s only daughter celebrated her second birthday, she looked at the camera in her official portrait with so much innocence. Princess Diana gave the same look in 1983 while touring Australia.

Then at Prince Louis’ christening earlier this month, Princess Charlotte gave the photographers a sidelong glance that once again resembled her late grandmother. Princess Diana was at the Coleherne Court in 1980 when she became labeled as “Shy Di” during her bachelor girl days.

Seward also talked about Prince George and Princess Diana’s resemblance.

“Every time I look at George I see his grandmother reflected in him. At Louis’ christening, George was pouting, just as Diana did when she tried to appear interested at formal events. There is no doubt the Spencer genes have overridden the Hanoverian Windsor looks. George and the young Charles Spencer are uncannily alike with their mop of reddish blond hair, chubby cheeks, and distinctive nose,” Seward wrote.

“It is an abiding sadness that Diana’s grandchildren will never have the joy of knowing her. But these pictures show that they are a part of her, just as she is present in all of them,” Seward concluded.