• Prince Charles and Princess Diana didn't get along well
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana weren't a well-oiled pair
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage ended in divorce 

Prince Charles’ former Welsh teacher previously shared his observation about the heir to the throne and Princess Diana.

Dr. Edward “Tedi” Millward previously revealed how he met Princess Diana multiple times while she was married to Prince Charles. During those occasions, Millward noticed how the Prince and Princess of Wales weren’t a well-oiled pair.

The Welsh teacher wasn’t the only person who had the same impression after meeting Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Royal author Penny Junor previously said that the royal couple was a mismatch of epic proportions.

In her book “The Firm,” Junor said that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage wasn’t a match made in heaven. She also said that the Prince and Princess of Wales were both not emotionally strong enough to give each other what they needed from their partner.

“Charles did not cause Diana’s instability by his love for Camilla. Diana came into that relationship with colossal problems that had nothing to do with Charles and everything to do with her unhappy childhood and her feelings of being unloved and unwanted by her parents,” Junor said.

But despite the royal couple’s incompatibility, Prince Charles and Princess Diana stayed married to each other for 15 years.

Meanwhile, Millward also shed light on how Prince Charles was as a student. He said that the heir to the throne was intelligent and charming, but some of his classmates didn’t like him.

“Charles wasn’t popular with some students. They couldn’t get to sleep at night with him practicing. I was told they were annoyed because his voice echoed so much. He really worked quite hard. He started from nothing, so learning Welsh was difficult,” he said.

Millard also said that he and Prince Charles became quite close. But before becoming his teacher, Millward was hesitant to accept the position. During their weekly tutorial sessions, the teacher tried to be neutral while teaching Prince Charles the language and treated him just like any other student.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured at an official event during their first royal Australian tour 1983 in Newcastle, Australia. Patrick Riviere/Getty Images