All eyes were on Prince Charles and Princess Diana when they announced their separation in 1992. However, while the world was busy wondering about whether the royal couple would divorce, the Princess of Wales was concerned about her son, Prince Harry.

Although Diana used her separation as an opportunity to find true love, Harry appeared to struggle with his parents’ strained relationship. His mother began to notice the change and sought out professional help.

In the 2019 biography, “Harry: In Conversation with the Prince,” Angela Levin claimed Prince Harry wasn’t handling his parents’ separation well.

“While William is wary of the press, particularly photographers, Harry doesn’t mind who watches him, in fact, he enjoys it… Harry is fearless. He is so laid-back that very little seems to worry him. Although he looks nervy in photographs he is not in the least,” she explained.

“What perhaps only Harry knew at the time was that the nervy child in photographs was the real him, and the laid-back clown was his front for facing the world and coping with his family situation,” the biographer suggested.

The Princess of Wales became concerned that the state of her relationship with Prince Charles could destroy Prince Harry’s future. “Diana must also have felt some concern about how he was coping, as before the separation she went back to the psychiatrist she saw at the beginning of her marriage,” Levin wrote.

At the time, the psychiatrist warned Diana about the consequences of her and Charles’ strained marriage. “[The split] would not be good for them, particularly for Prince Harry, who was already a fighter, and this might well affect him in later years,” the psychiatrist revealed.

“I never met her younger son, but from what she told me, he was already starting to rebel. She said he loved his father and admired James Hewitt, but it was obvious from what she told me that when other men came along, he started to get not just confused but angry.”

During the separation, Princess Diana dated several men, but Prince Harry’s anger toward some of her new romances had the mother of two worried her son’s emotions would turn into “aggression.”

However, it appears Prince Harry did not allow his feelings about his parents’ relationship to turn him into an angry person. The Duke of Sussex is currently a father and a husband, who dedicates his time to charities that address global issues.

William and Harry's close bond was cemented in the aftermath of their mother Diana, princess of Wales's shock death
William and Harry's close bond was cemented in the aftermath of their mother Diana, princess of Wales's shock death AFP / Johnny EGGITT