Princess Diana might have been accepted by the royal family if only she did this one thing, royal fans claimed.

On the online forum Quora, a royal fan posted that she thinks the Princess of Wales would’ve been perfectly fine if she accepted her role as the wife of the future monarch wholeheartedly. Even though her marriage to Prince Charles would have never been the perfect love story, they could have had a decent relationship.

Another royal fan seconded her claims and said that Princess Diana was emotionally unprepared for the job of Princess of Wales and was also overwhelmed.

“The royal family thought Diana was more prepared than she actually was. Diana was not ready to be an adult at that time of her life… but the royal family, in the beginning, was very prepared to support her in her new role,” she said.

Meanwhile, another fan said that she didn’t think Princess Diana would’ve stood a chance of being accepted by the royal family. This is because after she found out about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ affair, she had already wanted to end her marriage to the future king.

She also said that the royal family should have helped Princess Diana, especially during the early years of her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

“Maybe have her shadow an older royal to learn the ropes, so she wouldn’t be so dependent on her inattentive husband, who didn’t seem to share much of anything in common with the gregarious, fun-loving, and young Diana,” she said.

Another royal fan said that the question should be if the royal family had a chance with Princess Diana and not the other way around. This is because their biggest mistake was to allow her to marry Prince Charles when she was very young. The second mistake was not giving Prince Charles enough time to get to know Princess Diana well before their wedding.