Prince Charles, Princesses Diana, Margaret
Princess Diana and Princess Margaret were both regarded as the rebels in the royal family. Pictured: Prince Charles, Princesses Diana, Margaret on April 16, 1985 at Windsor Castle, Berkshire. Getty Images

Princess Diana and Princess Margaret didn’t always get along well, but the two female royals actually shared a special connection with each other.

In the book “Diana,” author Sarah Bradford said that Princess Margaret empathized with the Princess of Wales because they were both regarded as rebels by the royal family. “Princess Margaret was to become Diana’s real friend and champion within the family. In her youth she, like Diana, had been the media star of the royal family, glamorous idolized, and criticized,” she said.

“No stranger to defiant behavior herself, she empathized with Diana, seeing in her a reflection of her own rebellious self,” Bradford added.

According to the book author, Princess Diana and Princess Margaret clicked almost instantly after she joined the royal family. However, Princess Diana struggled to get close to the other relatives of her ex-husband, Prince Charles.

Princess Diana didn’t get to share a close bond with Queen Elizabeth II because they have very different personalities. According to Bradford, Princess Diana said that one of her roles was to build bridges between Prince Charles and his parents.

Meanwhile, royal biographer William Shawcross claimed that Princess Margaret burned Princess Diana’s letters to Her Majesty and the Queen Mother to protect the royal family from humiliation.

Shawcross said that during one of Princess Margaret’s periodic sorting of her mom’s papers, she decided to get rid of some letters and documents so that they will not be included in the Royal Archives. The biographer added that Princess Margaret felt that she protected the royal family from what she did.

There have also been claims that Princess Margaret hated Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson and could not forgive them. Craig Brown, a royal biographer, said in the BBC documentary “Princess Margaret: The Royal Rebel” that Princess Margaret was very cross with people like the Princess of Wales and Ferguson because they got themselves involved in several scandals.