Margaret the Rebel Princess
Princess Margaret is pictured above at the races at Kingston in 1955. Courtesy of Getty/Popperfoto/Contributor

Princess Margaret looked stunning in the wedding dress she wore when she wed photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones on May 6, 1960.

The beautiful bride, who was 29 years old at that time, wore a silk organza gown designed by Norman Hartnell to her special day. In one of her photos, Princess Margaret is leaving Clarence House in a horse-drawn carriage on her way to Westminster Abbey where she tied the knot.

Princess Margaret is smiling from ear to ear as she looked at one of the cameras directly. She is also wearing a beautiful tiara and veil. In another photo, Princess Anne is standing inside Westminster Abbey with Prince Philip by her side.

It has been revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh was the one that walked Princess Anne down the aisle because her dad, King George VI, was no longer around.

A throwback photo of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, and Prince Charles taken at Princess Margaret’s wedding has also been unearthed. In the snap, a young Prince Charles is wearing a suit while waving to the crowds. Her Majesty is seated beside her mom, and they both look happy during their outing.

The Queen, the Queen Mother, and Prince Charles were once again photographed after they arrived at Westminster Abbey. In the picture, the Queen is wearing a stunning gown that she is trying to fix. The Queen Mother is standing a few steps behind her with a handbag on her left arm.

Prince Charles, who is wearing a kilt, is standing a few steps behind his grandmother. The future King and the Queen Mother shared a close and special bond up until the latter’s death in 2002.

After Princess Margaret’s nuptials, the late royal was photographed holding the hands of her new husband on their way out of Westminster Abbey. Princess Margaret has a faint smile on her face just like Armstrong-Jones. In their official photograph, the couple didn’t also smile from ear to ear.