• Some map mods include entirely new towns filled with loot and unique experiences
  • Other mods include small additions to existing towns and playing spaces
  • Players only need to subscribe to mods to download and install them

The default world map in “Project Zomboid” is very large, although most of the space in between towns is either empty or completely uninteresting.

On the bright side, modders have created some impressive content in the form of map extensions, which add completely new areas to the game, as well as map modifications that change things up a bit for those who are bored of the default servings that the vanilla game has to offer. Many map mods are fairly balanced and offer nothing but definitive extensions to the game without ruining the actual experience.

Here are some of the best map mods available in the “Project Zomboid” workshop that players can get right now.

[Project Zomboid] A fenced-off compound makes for a great base
A fenced-off compound makes for a great base Project Zomboid

Raven Creek

Without a doubt, Raven Creek by nowhere_man might be the best map mod for “Project Zomboid.” This adds an entirely new city that’s filled with loot, zombies and tons of stories told via the environment. It’s hard to not think of “Resident Evil’s” Raccoon City when first visiting Raven Creek, from the piled-up cars to the failed survivor holdouts and hordes of zombies wandering the streets and back alleys.

Occupied Louisville

This simple mod adds over 200 spawn points to the city of Louisville based on the chosen profession of the player’s character. Made by Cuckoo, Occupied Louisville has at least eight different spawn points per profession that are scattered across the city. This may not add anything new, per se, but it gives players a chance to explore Louisville in a completely different way.

Bedford Falls

Like Raven Creek, Bedford Falls adds a new explorable city to the game. This mod adds a sizable town to the southeastern portion of the map, giving players more reason to spawn at or near Rosewood and explore the rest of the areas down south. This map extension from ringod123 fits nicely into the vanilla game, adding some military outposts, hospitals and loads of commercial and residential areas for players to explore.

West Point Expansion

For those who prefer to keep things relatively the same, the West Point Expansion map by ww2commander adds a few extra points of interest in the existing town of West Point, including a new urban center, hospital, a bunch of storage containers and more. This is much smaller compared to many other maps, but it adds a nice change of scenery to a town that many players may have grown tired of.