• Injuries must be treated before health can start regenerating
  • Players must apply the proper treatment methods to cure injuries
  • Zombie infection cannot be cured

In order to survive the brutal world of “Project Zomboid,” players will need to learn how to take care of themselves when they get damaged by practically anything. Damage sources in the zombie apocalypse can come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s best to know how to treat them.

Unlike in most other games, healing in “Project Zomboid” involves more than just using a medkit or applying a bandage. The game follows a semi-realistic approach to healing, forcing players to know how to best treat an injury using means that would typically be applied in the real world.

One important thing to note is that the player’s actual health regenerates passively. The vertical bar on the Health screen indicates the actual HP values of a character, and this will gradually increase so long as the player is uninjured. This means that players need to know how to properly treat their injuries in order to regain lost health.

Injuries and Treatment Methods

The most basic form of treatment is using a bandage. Every physical wound that involves bleeding requires a bandage, but players need to be wary of wound infections (not to be confused with zombie infections).

Wounds will heal in time so long as they’re bandaged, but infections will prevent this from happening. Be sure to change bandages regularly or use either alcohol or disinfectant to clean any wounds.

Project Zomboid's health screen shows all important information regarding injuries and status effects
Project Zomboid's health screen shows all important information regarding injuries and status effects Project Zomboid

Deep wounds need to be stitched with a thread and needle, so try to have these items ready in an emergency medical kit. Lacerations, on the other hand, simply need to be bandaged.

Fractures require splints, which are crafted with rags and any straight wooden object like a plank or a stick. Certain body parts, like the head, cannot be splinted when fractured.

Lodged bullets or glass shards need to be removed with tweezers, and the body part struck should then be bandaged.

Take note that injuries will take time to heal and regular maintenance (bandage changing and disinfection) may be required.

Zombie Bites

Getting scratched, lacerated or bitten by a zombie may result in zombie infection. Wearing bloody clothes while wounded may also result in infection. If this is the case, then zombification is inevitable. Players will slowly turn into a zombie within 72 hours, resulting in death and subsequent undeath.

Take note that getting bitten from behind will almost always result in zombification.