PC Antispyware 2010 is a fake antispyware claiming to be a valid antispyware system. It is a “scareware” which tries to fool PC users and send out information prompting user with false information.

The rogue software installed itself and circulated around the internet with the help of Trojans or malicious websites. It creates files disguised as legitimate software.

The PC Antispyware 2010 will mislead users by giving out false information and promotes its paid version aggressively, which is said to guarantee the PC system protection.

It will pop out false information that a PC system has been heavily infected with different types of parasites.

The program supposedly scans the computer for viruses, and then issues a fake warning to the user saying that the computer is heavily infected. It then pushes the users to download fixes, which are just viruses themselves.

To avoid this kind of troubles update your operating system and set it to automatic updates, install legal and trusted antivirus software from a prominent company, or if you already had one, update it and scan your computer.