A new system update to the PlayStation 4 is on the way, and it’ll be a celebrated change from gamers who find themselves running out of hard drive space. The PS4 System Software Update 4.50 brings external HDD support, along with some other welcome feature.

Without a doubt, the biggest change brought to the PS4 by the latest update is the ability to add external memory to the console. While the HDD that came with the console is upgradeable, external expansion has been on the wishlist of gamers for some time.

The update will allow support for USB 3.0 HDD with up to 8 terabytes of storage. Applications can be downloaded and installed directly on the external drive and will appear in the content launcher on the home screen like any other app. Saved content on the external HDD can be managed via the PS4 settings menu.

In addition to the expanding storage offered by the system software update, gamers will also be able to set custom wallpapers on the console’s home screen. Screenshots from games can be used and some editing tools will be available to modify the image.

There will also be options to add drop shadow to text and dim the function area to make sure menus are readable atop a bright background.

Sony is also rolling out a refresh of its quick menu, which it first introduced in the most recent system update. The menu, which appears after a long press of the PS button on DualShock 4 controllers, will now cover less of the gameplay screen. It also provides access to friends and parties without requiring players to jump to into the Party app.

Notifications have been simplified in update 4.50, ditching the separate tab for every notification variation and opting instead to show everything in line in a simple list. Players can modify which notifications will appear as pop-ups on screen from the Options menu.

For owners of PlayStation VR, the system update also provides a new way to watch videos. 3D movies are now supported via the VR headset, giving users the ability to enjoy films in stereoscopic 3D.

Sony hasn’t given an official launch date yet for update 4.50—which has been codenamed Sasuke. Those enrolled in the PlayStation beta program will be receiving an email on how to download the update and get started. Sony promised an official launch date for the final version of the update in the coming weeks.