• A new report reveals the significant improvements of installing a PS4 Pro SSD add-on
  • Sony announced that it would hold the PS5 State of Play on August 6
  • It clarified that it would not make any hardware-related announcements during the State of Play

A new report reveals that the PS4 Pro SSD add-on could provide improved gaming experience to players. Some players are wondering if adding a Solid State Drive to their PS4 Pro gaming console would have a significant effect on games. Thanks to a new report, the industry now has a detailed overview of the effects of this extra hardware.

PS4 Pro SSD Add-On

Digital Foundry recently tried the new Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD. The site shared the testing details, which offered an impressive level of improvement in loading times. This is particularly true if the user chose to install the SSD add-on internally instead of externally.

For instance, based on the chart from Digital Foundry, "Battlefield 5: Mission 3 Nordlys" has a loading time of 59.35 in PS4 Pro stock 1 TB HDD. However, its loading time was significantly reduced to only 34.46 when the Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD was added externally. Further, when internally integrating the SSD add-on, the game's loading time was massively cut to only 30.10.

PS4 Pro There will only be 50,000 units of 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro worldwide. Photo: Sony

The site also tried "Fallout 4: Diamond City," which has a loading time of 44.39 when using the PS4 Pro stock 1 TB HDD. When externally integrated with the Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD, the game's loading time was cut to only 19.44. The site also tried the game while internally integrating the Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD, which saw a reduced loading time of 14.18.

Aside from the loading times, the PS4 Pro SSD add-on also improved the game's texture pop-in. Digital Foundry shared several images to compare the results when the PS4 Pro uses an SSD add-on.

PS5 News

In other PS5 news, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced earlier that it is holding another PS5 State of Play on August 6. In a blog post, Sony clarified that the event would focus on gameplay footage and announcements of games arriving in the PS VR and PS4. It further said that there would be no PlayStation Studios, price, release date or pre-order announcement at the said event.

Sony announced that the PS5 is releasing sometime in the holiday of 2020.