Sony’s PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles will soon receive firmware update 5.0. Find out what this update brings below.

Sony is preparing another major update for its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro gaming machines. Based on what many reports are claiming so far, firmware update 5.0 will improve a lot of things on the consoles’ system. And while there is still no official release date for this update, more and more details about its features are being outed by gaming news sites.

The latest news about the upcoming PS4 firmware update comes from video game news and reviews site Eurogamer, who managed to obtain a copy of the update’s release notes way ahead of the firmware’s official release. Upon checking the file, the publication learned that a lot of changes will come to the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles once the update starts rolling out.

Major Changes

The release notes indicated that update 5.0 is going to add notifications to the PS4 Quick Menu. With the new update, pressing the PlayStation button will launch the revised menu, which nows shows notifications in addition to shortcuts and other standard options. Thus, users will no longer head back to the Home screen just to check system notifications. In addition, the Quick Menu will from now on show the status of uploads/downloads.

Firmware update 5.0 will also come with support for high-definition streaming via Twitch. Updated PS4 Pro consoles will have the capacity to broadcast content at 1080p resolution at 60fps. The arrival of this type of streaming support does not come as a surprise, considering that the PS4 Pro already allows 1080p Remote Play and Share Play.

The new firmware update is also overhauling the Master Account/Sub Account System. This includes the addition of new options for the sub or child accounts stored on home consoles. Moreover, family accounts now support multiple adult accounts that can act as parent or guardian to sub accounts. This means more than one adult account can set parental controls to child accounts.

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In relation to the expanded support for more adult accounts, Sony is introducing a new web application that will let users manage family accounts easily. The web application will also allow parent users to make changes to the parental controls or settings using their smartphone or PC.

Another major change that will be implemented by the new firmware update has to do with how users follow other users. The improved system will allow users to follow any account they wish to follow. At present, users can only follow verified accounts of developers and video personalities, as pointed out by Engadget. Sony is changing this to encourage users to share content and interact more with other users.

Minor Changes

Aside from big changes, PS4 update 5.0 will also come with small upgrades designed to enhance the PS4 user experience. One minor change refers to the addition of support for seven new languages, namely: Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.

Other minor changes listed in the release notes include push notifications for events, the ability to link broadcasts to a PlayStation Community and the display of spectator comments on screen while broadcasting content in VR mode.

Sony will soon roll out firmware update 5.0 for the PlayStation 4 gaming console. Reuters/Maxim Zmeyev