Sony finally launched Thursday its much-awaited gaming console, the PlayStation 5. The console will come in two variants, one with an HD Blu-Ray disc drive and a digital-only edition, which comes with a slimmer package.

While the company has introduced the features of the console in a video, it hasn’t revealed a launch date or launch price for the console, although it is expected to be launched in Fall between October-December 2020.

The console comes with two new accessories — a new DualSense controller and a 3D gaming headset. Many gaming companies, including Epic Games, have announced titles compatible with PS5's new system, including “God of War 2,” “Horizon: Zero Dawn 2” and “Cyberpunk 2077.”

The PS5 also comes with many new features, apart from a new-gen design, which sets it apart from PS4. These include:


One of the most awaited features of the PS5 is a Solid State Drive. An SSD is much faster than a regular drive and reduces “dead time” and lags while playing games. A regular hard disk takes 20 seconds to load 1GB data, while an SSD can load around 2GB data in just 0.27 seconds.

This essentially means that there will actually be no load-screens in PS5 games — a major score for the gamers. Compared to the PS4, the gameplay in PS5 is expected to be 18-20 times faster.

The new SSD also provides developers a lot of freedom in creating games — they will now be able to create a seamless virtual experience for gamers. Players will also be able to move faster during games. Another major feature of the PS5 SSD is it comes with a Custom Flash Controller which can deliver speed up to 5.5 GB per second.

3D Audio

The PS5 comes packing Sony's new audio technology called Tempest 3D Audio Tech. It runs with a special processor, which is capable of complex audio processing and is capable of creating a surround sound experience over different audio devices, whether it is headphones, soundbars or TV speakers.

Unreal Engine 5

The console will come with the Unreal Engine for graphics processing. It will introduce a new Nanite geometry system, which allows for sub-pixel geometry, a detail that makes the pixels imperceptible to the human eye, making the game visuals feel like it's in real-life.

DualSense Controller

In April, Sony has revealed the new DualSense controller which will replace the DualShock controller that came with the PS4. The new controller has an ergonomic curved design. It is also expected to have much better haptic feedback — the triggers on the controller will become more or less resistant, according to the tasks a gamer takes up in the game.

It will also have a lighter and longer-lasting rechargeable battery which will let the players play for much longer and a new microphone, which will let players chat with each other without using headsets. More features are expected to be revealed in the coming months.

Sony's new PlayStation 5
Sony's new PlayStation 5 will go head-to-head with a new-generation Xbox from Microsoft when the rival consoles are released later this year. AFP/CHARLY TRIBALLEAU