• At the event announcing 26 new games for the upcoming PlayStation 5, one of the surprising revelations was "Spider-Man: Miles Morales"
  • Seen in both the animated film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and 2018 game "Marvel's Spider-Man," Miles will be the lead playable character in this game, not Peter Parker
  • Since debuting in 2011, the Afro-Latino Miles has proven to be popular enough to appear across several media platforms

From the Spider-Verse to the PlayStation 5, Miles Morales is set to star in his own video game for a brand new console, aptly titled “Spider-Man: Miles Morales.”

One of the more surprising revelations at the recent PlayStation 5 streaming event was a new “Spider-Man” game that is a direct sequel to 2018’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man” on the PS4. Yet even more surprising though is that it isn’t the familiar Peter Parker under the mask but the younger, Afro-Latino Miles Morales shooting webs instead.

After making his debut in Marvel Comics in August 2011, the creation of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli has grown in popularity, not just for portraying a minority character who becomes a superhero. So popular, in fact, that he was the main character in the 2018 animated hit, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” that showed Miles fighting side-by-side Peter and other Spider-Man characters from alternate realities.

In the aforementioned “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” Peter is the lead character, a veteran hero who has to deal with familiar criminals in the Sinister Six. Miles and Mary Jane Watson were playable characters though. It’s safe to say that he’ll play a more prominent role in this coming game.

In perhaps a strange twist of fate, this revelation comes on the heels of the recent social unrest in the United States, where #BlackLivesMatter has once again become a rallying cry due to violence against African Americans. And what better way is there for that call to resonate than to find a character with similar skin tone and background empowered with spider-like abilities?

Bendis himself took to Instagram to post his delight over the news.

"A hero's just someone who doesn't give up," a disembodied voice tells Miles, according to Entertainment Weekly. "Your dad said that. He was right. Now, it's your turn. Go be a hero, Miles."

The footage sees Miles taking on a new gang of villains armed with mech gear and some sort of energy-based weapons. But to combat that, he has his own set of tricks, including his comics-accurate invisibility and electric shock abilities.

Developed by Insomniac Games, “Marvel’s Spider-Man” was the biggest superhero game of 2018, instantly creating a clamor for a sequel. It’s expected that “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” will be one of the games that will launch alongside the PlayStation 5 when it arrives this holiday season.