Psy performs "Gangnam Style." Reuters

What more can be said about Psy or “Gangnam Style?” The song, and more importantly, the video went beyond viral, infiltrating every aspect of culture and society. With such overwhelming popularity, it's still surprising that “Gangnam Style” has reached the 1 billion views mark on YouTube.

“Gangnam Style” has already sold over two million copies in America, certified double platinum earlier in the year and already had the Guinness World Record for most viewed YouTube video. Luckily the Mayan apocalypse did not happen and the end of the world did not prevent Psy from reaching the 1 billion mark on YouTube.

Dancing “Gangnam Style” became a thing among people in 2012, with Madonna, MC Hammer, United States Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a robot, Britney Spears and countless others going “Gangnam Style.” Sadly a man, Eamonn Kilbride, died last week dancing “Gangnam Style” at his office Christmas party. The video for Psy's “Gangnam Style” premiered on July 15, meaning that the video was viewed, on average, 200 million times a month. It also has 5.8 million “Likes” and the “Gangnam Style” train looks like it won't run out of steam any time soon.

In a statement trumpeting Psy's billion view landmark, Republic/School Boy Records said that the “Gangnam Style” video is still averaging between seven and 10 million views a day. A billion views does not even factor in the fan-created clips or other Gangnam-based videos that have flooded YouTube.

Speaking about the success of “Gangnam Style,” Psy said, “I didn't even imagine “Gangnam Style” would get 1 million views let alone 1 billion views! Is this the Tru-PSY show?”

School Boy Records Chief Executive Officer Scooter Braun chimed in on the success of Psy as well, saying “We just set out to try and make some history, break down barriers, and prove a song in Korean could go all the way. This is a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to music being the universal language.”

Psy will end the year in Times Square, performing on ABC's “Rockin' New Years Eve” which will be hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

You can add another view to “Gangnam Style” below or here.