The Publix Supermarket chain is coming under fire with threats of boycotts after a bombshell report revealed the heiress to the company helped bankroll former President Donald Trump’s rally that took place immediately before the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Along with conspiracy radio host Alex Jones, Julie Jenkins Fancelli, the heiress to the chain, served as a top donor for the rally at the Ellipse where Donald Trump spoke shortly before a group of his supporters breached the Capitol, contributing $300,000 of the total $500,000 price tag, The Wall Street Journal reported. In total, the publication reports, she donated more than $980,000 during the entire 2020 election cycle to the Trump campaign and Republican party.

Because Fancelli contributed, which is being used as part of the argument for the former President’s second Impeachment as helping to incite the riot that occurred, many quickly took to social media to blast the supermarket chain for being complicit in the violent event.

Others criticized that Fancelli contributed so much to the event, when employees of the company were struggling and getting menial raises.

Others criticized the fact that the company, which also donated money to Governor Rick DeSantis, was also given permission to be the sole retailer distributor in Palm Beach County when it came to much-needed COVID-19 vaccines.

The chain has not released a statement about the donation. They currently operate more than 1,000 stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Publix A Publix supermarket is pictured in Norcross, GA on Feb. 8, 2002. Photo: Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images