The Purge 3
"The Purge: Election Year" is expected to pick up where "The Purge: Anarchy" left off and will come out July 1. Universal Pictures

Get ready to lock up your home tight because the night when all crime is legal will be back in 2016. "The Purge: Election Year," the third installment in the bloody franchise, is due out the weekend of July 4. The first trailer for the film was released Wednesday and it appears as though it could be the most intense installment yet.

The first two films of "The Purge" gave viewers a look at a fictional future where the government shuts down all emergency services for 12 hours one night a year and deems all crimes legal. People are able to murder, steal and set fires without any consequences. It's done so that people get it all out of their system and keeps the crime rate down the rest of the year. However, it turns out the government is doing it to eliminate members of the lower class.

"The Purge: Election Year" or "The Purge 3," will pick up where 2014's "The Purge: Anarchy" left off. Frank Grillo will reprise his role as Sergeant and he'll continue to try to protect others from the deadliest night of the year. The Sergeant is now working security for Senator Charlene "Charlie" Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). Roan is the favorite in the upcoming Presidential election and wants to put an end to the Purge. Her entire family was killed in one of the nights of the Purge 15 years earlier.

The Sergeant wants to protect Roan because after almost killing the man who accidentally killed his son in an accident, he too wants the night of the Purge to end. The trailer shows Roan and the Sergeant will be faced with a major challenge on the night of the final Purge after a betrayal will leave them fighting for their lives.

Director James DeMonaco is back to direct the next film in "The Purge" series. DeMonaco has directed and written all of the movies so far, which is a good thing for fans of the films as he can continue his vision. It's clear the director looks to the current state of politics and situations going on in the world for motivation, as the film with election year in the title comes out in an election year.

Expect "The Purge: Election Year" to be filled with more blood, crazed killers and thrills that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. You can watch the full trailer for "The Purge: Election Year" below:

"The Purge: Election Year" hits theaters July 1.