Junk food and unhealthy diets are bad for our bodies: We have always known that. But a new study has found that eating processed foods and a high-fat diet can mess with our long-term motivation and how we perform in our lives.

The theory was proven by testing two different diets on 32 rats; the rats that were given junk food grew lazy, were unwilling to perform tasks for rewards, and had gained weight. The study, led by Aaron Blaisdell of UCLA, conducted the testing over a six-month period

Even when the diets of the two groups were switched over after three months, the long- term effects were evident. The rats that were first given the diet rich in fat and processed foods were still lazy and overweight, despite being fed a healthier diet. The damage had been done; they remained lazy and overweight.

What researchers were able to learn from this study was that highly processed diets led to obesity, which, in turn, causes fatigue. What we eat directly affects our overall health and our motivation.