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Q-Tip was pictured with singer Janelle Monae and style icon Andre Leon Talley. Reuters

Fresh from the sartorial greatness and gloom that was this year’s Met Gala, rapper Q-Tip had a peculiar situation to address.

The Queens, N.Y., rapper was in attendance at the event, snapping pictures with his fellow entertainers and celebrities. He took a moment out of his lively night to snap a picture with Janelle Monae and André Leon Talley, an image he was later misidentified in by Vogue.com.

The site captioned him as British rapper Tinie Tempah, an oversight Tip didn’t take lightly.

“We all look alike..,” said Tip in a tweet that included a screen cap of the miscaptioned photo.

The Conde Nast fashion site later fixed the error, but this stands as another case where a celeb of color has been grossly misidentified by a major publication or fashion house. In November 2013, Alfre Woodard was the focus of an extremely egregious error when the Armani team captioned her as Idris Elba (a man, no less) in an Instagram post. That flub birthed several frustrated posts on social media as well as a series of memes hashtagged with #ArmaniCaptions. The memes picked at the mistake by creating other silly celeb mixups.