Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II wore fake whiskers to welcome a bearded Prince Philip after he returned from his royal tour. Pictured: The Queen, Prince Philip look on after the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York and Mr. Jack Brooksbank at St. George's Chapel on October 12, 2018 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Alastair Grant-WPA Pool

Queen Elizabeth II did a hilarious prank on Prince Philip after he returned from his lengthy royal tour in 1965.

At that time, the Duke of Edinburgh traveled in the royal yacht Britannia to Australia and Antarctica and spent Christmas away from his family. But despite the distance, Prince Philip managed to transmit a royal broadcast on Christmas Day from his remote location.

Robert Hardman, the author of “Queen of the World,” said that Her Majesty knew her husband grew his beard while on the royal tour. This is why she and her royal staff decided to prank him when he returned home.

“It was a comedy moment when the Queen and Duke were finally reunited. Knowing that he had grown a beard on his travels, the Queen had arranged for everyone in the royal entourage – herself included – to put on fake whiskers just before the Duke walked in,” he said.

Despite the funny moment, Prince Philip and the Queen also faced some difficult times during their marriage. In 1954, the royal couple had a very public spat during their first tour of Australia.

While in Victoria, the Queen and Prince Philip shocked the press when they spotted the two having a heated argument with each other. After Prince Philip tried to walk away from his wife, the Queen threw a pair of shoes and a tennis racket at him.

Immediately after the incident, Her Majesty was also heard screaming and asking Prince Philip to get to their villa, and he eventually agreed. However, the shocking moment was already captured by cameraman Frank Bagnall. Richard Colville, the royal press secretary, asked the film crew to hand over the footage to him to make sure that it wouldn’t be leaked.

Moments later, the Queen stepped out of her villa looking calm and composed as ever. She apologized to the press for what happened and said that the same thing happens in almost everyone else’s marriage.