Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to Princess Diana’s death was quite shocking and heartbreaking. Her Majesty was dazed in bewilderment when she found out that her former daughter-in-law has died.

In the book “My Husband and I: The Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage,” royal author Ingrid Seward said that the Queen and the other members of the royal family were vacationing in Balmoral that summer when they heard the devastating news.

“The call came through form the embassy in the French capital at 3.30 on Sunday morning 31 August 1997, and their first reaction was simply one of dazed bewilderment. The Queen was bewildered and caught up by the mood of suspicion as to what had caused the accident… Her first comment, upon being told of Diana’s death, was to say: ‘Someone must have greased the breaks,’” Seward said.

The royal author went on to stress the fact that the Queen’s response was extraordinary considering the fact that a lot of people blamed her, Prince Charles, and Camilla for her death. Conspiracy theorists also claimed that the British clan had Princess Diana killed after she exposed some of their secrets to the public during one of her interviews.

“It was an extraordinary remark for The Queen to make and astounded her staff when they came to hear of it, which most had by the time the dawn broke over Balmoral’s wooded hills,” Seward said.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles also had a surprising reaction to Princess Diana’s death. Even though the couple had already been divorced for almost a year when the later royal passed away, the heir to the throne was still devastated to know that Princess Diana had died.

During his phone call with Camilla, the dad of two expressed his worries to his then-girlfriend. He said that he’s worried that the public would blame him for the death of his ex-wife. This is exactly what happened.

Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II
Pictured: Princess Diana, the Queen at the Braemer Highland games. Getty Images/PA/AFP