Queen Elizabeth II will give Prince Charles a new title, but she will never abdicate.

Many are concerned for the Queen and her duty in the monarchy as she gets older. However, the 93-year-old monarch is not showing any signs of slowing down when it comes to her duties and responsibilities as the head of the monarchy.

Despite this, many believe that Queen Elizabeth II will delegate more work to the Prince of Wales. According to royal expert Moniek Bloks, she might give Prince Charles a new title so he could take on more duties in preparation for his future role as the next king.

“I think if anything happens, it’s more likely she’ll make Charles regent instead of completely abdicating,” Bloks said in the “Royal Central” podcast.

“I think it’s very unlikely that she will abdicate.”

When Prince Charles becomes the regent, he will assume the majority of duties of the monarch. However, Queen Elizabeth II will remain the monarch. The Prince of Wales would not be crowned king until the passing of the Queen. The new title will make the heir apparent a “king in all but name.”

The speculations about Queen Elizabeth II making Prince Charles the Prince Regent has been around for months. According to Robert Jobson in his book “Charles at 70: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams,” the senior officials within the royal household have already confirmed that Prince Charles is already the Prince Regent. Meanwhile, others claimed that this won’t happen until the Queen is 95.

“Some close to the monarch say that, if she reaches the age of 95, she will make a monumental decision and choose to officially allow Charles to take over the stewardship of her reign,” Jobson wrote.

“She will, they say, officially transfer all executive powers to him as Prince Regent until her death, when he will become king. This would enable her to fudge the issue of her not fulfilling her Coronation Oath to God and her people to serve as queen regnant until her death.”

Queen Elizabeth II has several reasons why she doesn’t want to give up the throne. First, she promises to reign for life. She also felt that it’s her duty to reign. Meanwhile, some claimed that the monarch doubts Prince Charles’ leadership skills.