Queen Elizabeth couldn’t control herself from reacting negatively after she was given rotten cheese.

After ordering stilton from the luxury store Fortnum and Mason, the Queen personally opened the product, only to discover that the cheese inside was rotten. The monarch urged one of the grocers to physically take the cheese back and see the error that had been committed in person.

Derek Humphries, who worked at the shop for four years, was the one sent by Fortnum and Mason. In the Channel 5 documentary “Inside Fortnum and Mason: The Queen’s Grocer,” Humphries said that he was told off by Her Majesty.

“I remember getting told by my boss that I needed to go to Buckingham Palace to pick up a stilton cheese. I was met by this guy who gave me this jar of stilton – I took the top off and it was really rotten… It was a terrible mistake that had been made,” he said.

The man that gave Humphries the cheese told him that it was the Queen who opened it. However, the former Fortnum and Mason staff said that he’s not sure if his version of the story was accurate. Even if it wasn’t, Humphries said that he takes pride in the fact that he was able to go inside Buckingham Palace.

Mark Owen-Woods, a former employee at the luxury store, said that it’s very common for the palace to order products like cheese from their shop.

“Buckingham Palace always had a direct line to the counters, so if they wanted to order cheese and things like that, they would always come to us. We would prepare it then it would be sent over to Buckingham Palace,” he said.

In related news, Her Majesty also uttered a brutal joke after Prince William was born. Royal expert Camilla Tominey revealed that the Queen said that she’s grateful Prince William’s ears weren’t similar with his dad, Prince Charles.