Queen Elizabeth II has proven that she still has what it takes to be a fashion icon. The colorful ensembles that the royal monarch wore during the Trooping the Colors festivities and the Royal Ascot have sparked a fashion trend for brightly colored dresses.

Britain’s longest reigning monarch has been known to wear pastel-hued dresses in official engagements. In the Trooping the Colors event to officially celebrate the Queen’s birthday held on June 11, the royal monarch was resplendent in a bright green designer dress. She also wore several other bold colored fashion ensembles during the Patron’s Lunch held on June 12, and the Royal Ascot events. The colors of some of the Queen’s dresses during the said events ranged from bright pink, orange, canary yellow and bright blue.

Retailers have revealed how the Queen’s recent fashion choices have started an increased demand for brightly colored fashion pieces, according to Royal Central. Sales for bright pink and bright orange clothing have increased by 107 percent and 69 percent, respectively. Retailer JD Williams has also shared that a specific green dress that it carried in its stores have seen a huge sales spike. The dress’ color is said to be very close to the bright green fashion ensemble that the Queen wore during Trooping the Colors. Meanwhile, other bold green fashion pieces were said to have also seen an increase in sales of around 134 percent.

JD Williams’ spokesperson Suzi Burns has commented that wearing brightly colored fashion pieces were typically associated with the fashion pieces of a much younger generation. However, she stated that the Queen has “mastered the trend effortlessly,” as indicated in the same report. Burns also described the Queen as a “great example of fashion without age limits.”

In other news, the Queen was all smiles when she met former soccer player David Beckham during a Buckingham Palace event. Beckham was one of the guests during the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards held on Thursday, June 23. In photos taken during the event, Queen Elizabeth appeared very pleased to meet the former athlete.

This was not the first time that the royal monarch met Beckham. The two first met in 2002 during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. The Queen has also awarded Victoria Beckham’s husband his Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) honor in 2003. Beckham also shook hands with Queen Elizabeth during the first Queen’s Young Leaders Awards held in 2015.