Queen Elizabeth II's list of pet peeves has been revealed.

According to Rachel Russell, a journalist for Express, the Queen hates a number of things, including a word that involves Meghan Markle. Her Majesty reportedly finds the word "pregnant" vulgar. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child together, and Markle is often described as pregnant in the media nowadays.

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly also found The Beatles' John Lennon "vulgar" after meeting him at a Royal Variety Show. In fact, the monarch was reportedly "delighted and relieved" when the singer returned his Order of the British Empire in 1969.

Queen Elizabeth II is also not fond of drama. Princess Diana reportedly got off to a bad start with her when she started weeping when one of Queen's corgis caught a mole during a mole hunt.

In addition, the People's Princess reportedly turned to the Queen for emotional support when her marriage with Prince Charles hit rock bottom. However, the Queen didn't know how to respond.

"Nobody sees the Queen without an appointment, but Diana used to wait until the Queen’s last visitor – if you like – had left," royal correspondent Ingrid Seward revealed. "Then she'd dash in before the next one, and just cry. She'd say 'everybody hates me, I hate my sister, I hate my mother, I hate my husband', and the Queen – not used to this type of moral confrontation – just didn't know how to handle Diana."

The 92-year-old royal is also not fond of the sound of clinking ice cubes, so beverages are usually served with sphere-shaped ice so that it will make less noise.

In related news, Queen Elizabeth II has finally shown her approval for Camilla Parker Bowles. During Prince Charles' 70th birthday, she gave a toast to the future king, and in her speech, she recognized the Duchess of Cornwall's presence in Prince Charles' life.

"Over his 70 years, Philip and I have seen Charles become a champion of conservation and the arts, a great charitable leader - a dedicated and respected heir to the throne to stand comparison with any in history – and a wonderful father," the Queen said. "Most of all, sustained by his wife Camilla, he is his own man, passionate and creative."