Queen Elizabeth II, 93, attends countless Royal engagements in her role as the ruler of the British Monarchy. The mother of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, 70, travels from one meeting to another on a regular basis. However, what most Royal followers do not know is that the wife of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, 98, has been seeing a special friend in secret.

New Idea shared that Queen Elizabeth II has been visiting her former dresser, Angela Kelly, whenever she is free. Royal commentator Angela Mollard said, in a podcast, that the grandmother of Prince William, 37, and Prince Harry, 35, share a very special friendship with Kelly.

“Apparently, there’s a bit of a code in the palace that when the Queen is popping out its to go and have a bit of a chat with Angela,” Mollard claimed. “And apparently, they can be heard in a sitting room laughing their heads off over a cup of Darjeeling tea or at Angela’s grace and favor home at Windsor which the monarch gifted to her,” she added.

Mollard said Queen Elizabeth II and Angela Kelly, usually, talk about just anything under the sun, including their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all the trendy makeup brands available in the market today. She even described Kelly as Her Majesty’s “window to the world.” The Royal commentator added it is good to see the Queen having a close friend in her life after losing both her mother, Queen Elizabeth I, and sister, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.

Meanwhile, People reported that Queen Elizabeth is now back to work after spending her summer holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Reports have it that the Royal Standard flag was raised up the pole before it was “cracked” on Wednesday, which signifies that the Queen has already returned to her Buckingham Palace home in London.

For starters, the Balmoral Castle serves as a private haven for the Royal family, especially during summer when the Buckingham Palace is open for public viewing. While staying there, Queen Elizabeth II and other British royals usually entertain pals and host events. Despite being on vacation leave, Her Majesty is said to continue working in the Scottish Highlands by participating in public engagements and holding audiences.