Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly made her last official public appearance already because she “hasn’t got long to live.”

New Idea published a report with a headline that read, “Queen’s health crisis: Too weak to wear the crown!” The monarch has sparked fears for her health after she wore a lightweight version of the Imperial State Crown at the Opening of Parliament.

Several insiders claimed that it was a sign that Queen Elizabeth II was not well. Many even expressed their shock that the Queen did not wear the expected crown.

“The State Opening of Parliament is a sacred ceremony and wearing the crown is part of it. People were whispering, under their breath, ‘It’s true — she’s terribly ill and will be gone soon,’” a source said.

The event was reportedly the Queen’s “last official public appearance.” “Her failure to wear the crown is stirring up fears that she hasn’t got long to live,” a royal courtier said.

A palace source shared that the Queen told a friend last year that her “knees were playing up.” However, she has refused to have a surgery because she doesn’t want to take time off for recovery.

Shamir Patel, a pharmacist and founder of Chemist 4 U, warned the Queen to reconsider her choice as ignoring her knee problems could make the symptoms worse. Patel told Express that anybody of any age who has undergone surgery and experiences problems should seek medical advice and guidance.

She added that even if there is no serious issue, a check-up is necessary to ensure that everything is okay even if her surgery was completed 16 years ago. Patel also recognized the fact that there are risks in any procedure, but most come shortly after the surgery.

“As Her Majesty’s operation was back in 2003, it could be thought that the chance of her developing complications as a result of the surgery are slim, especially because the procedure was not a knee replacement, but only to repair a torn cartilage in her right knee. However, all of this being said, this [the claim the Queen’s knee is playing up] could indicate that further knee problems may arise for Her Majesty at some point,” Patel explained.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II announced a list of new bills ranging from implementing a yet-to-be finalized EU divorce agreement to criminal sentencing. POOL/Tolga Akmen