Meghan Markle will reportedly receive an important phone call from Queen Elizabeth II days before Christmas Day.

Helen Barnett, a journalist for Express, revealed that the call would have to do with the do’s and don’ts she and her mom, Doria Ragland, have to follow during the holidays.

The journalist claimed that Her Majesty’s equerry informs the members of the royal family a week before Christmas Day on what time they must arrive at Sandringham House and in what order. As with other official events, the Queen and Prince Philip will be the last two to arrive.

Despite reports about Prince Harry and Prince William’s official split, the siblings are still expected to arrive in Sandringham with Markle and Kate Middleton, respectively, around the same time. All of the members of the royal family will line up to welcome Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh.

A similar process is done on Christmas Day itself with the royal family members line up outside St. Mary Magdalene church to curtsy to the Queen. After lunch, royals typically exchange presents, but they also need to follow some rules regarding gift giving.

Royals are not allowed to give each other anything expensive so they usually end up giving each other novelty items or hilarious gifts. There was one Christmas wherein the Duchess of Cambridge gave Prince Harry a “grow your own girlfriend” kit for the holiday.

After exchanging presents, members of the royal family participate in a game of charades, a favorite of Her Majesty. After the holidays, all of the members of the British clan are expected to return to their respective homes. However, the Queen and Prince Philip will stay in Sandringham until February.

Christmas decorations in Sandringham will also stay up until February and will only be taken down after February 6 as a tribute to the Queen’s dad’s death. After which, the Queen and Prince Philip will return to their home in London.