• Prince Philip was disappointed when Queen Elizabeth II had to ascend the throne earlier than they expected 
  • The Duke of Edinburgh said the most interesting part of his naval career had just started when his wife took over the throne
  • Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will be celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary in November

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's marriage hit a rough patch when the former took over the throne following her father's death.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have been married for over seven decades already. However, Her Majesty's position somehow strained their relationship because they didn't expect that she would ascend the throne in her 20s.

"This extremely active enthusiastic young man who suddenly finds his whole life is going to be taken away from him and probably thinking he will become a 'yes man' for the rest of his life," Lady Pamela Hicks, Prince Philip's cousin, said in the teaser for the upcoming National Georgraphic documentary "Being the Queen."

"This really devastated their lives as a married couple."

The documentary follows the Queen's private life over the years.

When Queen Elizabeth II became the monarch, her husband had to give up his other duties to support her. Thus, it was also difficult for the duke who was part of the Royal Navy at the time. In fact, Prince Philip didn't hide his disappointment over the abrupt promotion of his wife to the throne because it ended his own career.

"I had just been promoted to commander and the fact was that the most interesting part of my naval career was just starting," Prince Philip said in a previous interview.

"But then equally, if I stopped and thought about it, being married to the Queen, it seemed to me my first duty was to serve in the best way I could."

Executive Producer Tom Jennings also believed that the incident put a strain on the Queen and duke's marriage.

"I’m sure it was very strained at first and for someone like Philip to acquiesce to the nation and basically give up his bride to the world and take a backseat to everything that’s going on," Jennings told Us Weekly in the Aug. 27 episode of "Royally Us."

"I think he managed to get through it, but I’m sure it was a very strained time for them.”

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary in November. In 2017, the palace marked their 70th wedding anniversary by releasing photos of the senior royal couple.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are photographed. AFP/Fiona HANSON