Queen Elizabeth did not order Prince Charles to divorce Camilla Parker Bowles. They are pictured watching the RAF flypast on the centenary of the RAF in London on July 10, 2018. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth is not ordering Prince Charles to divorce his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, despite a report suggesting otherwise.

Gossip Cop has corrected a story that initially ran in the Globe, which stated that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, who married in 2005, “secretly filed divorce papers” at the order of Queen Elizabeth, who allegedly “wants all family scandals resolved before she dies.”

“Elizabeth told her son, ‘It’s over!’ and ordered him to divorce ‘that sharp-tongued shrew,’” an alleged source told the tabloid.

However, the “source” also maintains that Parker Bowles refuses to go without a fight and is actually making a demand that all the details of the alleged divorce be made public so the world can find out what really went down behind closed palace doors, and that is worrying Prince Charles—who it’s alleged is “nearly suicidal” over the fears about the situation.

“[He] is begging the court to keep the proceedings confidential to avoid more shocking scandal and embarrassment,” the source said. “This could bring down the monarchy.”

“Camilla is citing ‘unreasonable behavior,’ and Charles is terrified she’ll spill her guts and bare all his dirty secrets,” the source maintained, adding that she requested a settlement of $213 million as well.

It is also alleged that the royal family’s secrets could even include criminal activities they are desperate to keep covered up, though it’s unclear what is being referenced.

However, Gossip Cop points out that is the Queen was, in fact, trying to resolve any family scandals before she died, then ordering a divorce that could see major secrets exposed wouldn’t make much sense. They also point out that a divorce certainly isn’t in the cards since the royal couple was photographed together on a beach in Barbados during their 12-day trip to the Caribbean.

Interestingly, the tabloid didn’t try to take an angle with the story that indicates if Charles didn’t comply, that Queen Elizabeth would surpass him as heir to the throne, instead installing his first son, Prince William, as the next King of England instead. Stories are often published stating that Charles is being passed over as king, though none have ever been proven to be true, and Charles was officially set as the heir in 2018.