Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II spotted for the first time after Prince Philip's death hoax. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives before the Opening of the Flanders' Fields Memorial Garden at Wellington Barracks on Nov. 6, 2014 in London. Getty Images/Stefan Wermuth

Queen Elizabeth was spotted out in public for the first time in two weeks.

The Queen is currently enjoying her annual summer break in Scottish Highlands. On Sunday, she was photographed at the backseat of her car as they made their way to a church service at Crathie Kirk near her Balmoral estate. Queen Elizabeth II donned a bright blue coat with a matching hat trimmed with a floral adornment. She accessorized with a pearl necklace and Jardine Star Brooch. Her Majesty was accompanied by a female companion.

It was the first time the Queen was spotted after her engagement with U.S. President Donald Trump two weeks ago. It was also her first sighting following Prince Philip's death hoax.

Over a week ago, there were speculations on Twitter that the Duke of Edinburgh was already dead. A number posted that an official announcement will be made at a certain time of the day. The report turned out to be another death hoax.

"My friend who works as a beefeater in the palace just text me and it's true: prince philip completely dead. announcement at 5," one Twitter user wrote.

"Contrary to current rumours swirling about Twitter, am reliably informed Prince Philip is not yet dead," Ross McCafferty posted to end the speculations.

A source told Nick Pisa and Phil Dampier of the Sun, that the Queen and the duke were both not happy with the reports. It reportedly infuriated the monarch.

"They both agreed there was little they could do but they are very, very annoyed," the royal insider said. "It's not nice to hear people the world over commenting on your health or death, even if you're used to being in the public eye."

"It shows how the internet can get out of control," the source added. "The Queen is absolutely fuming over this and thinks it's disgraceful."

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were spotted together in June at the Royal Windsor Cup. The 97-year-old royal and the 93-year-old monarch were in good spirits as they were photographed laughing together from the royal box at Guard's Polo Cup. During the said outing, the Queen presented the prizes to the winner while her husband remained on his seat.