Queen Elizabeth is already 93 years old. And as saddening as it might sound, it is unlikely that she would be around for more years.

Even though the public hopes that she could live forever, this is unlikely considering her delicate age. In fact, she has also scaled down her royal duties and responsibilities, and she no longer travels overseas.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans are wondering if Her Majesty will only be remembered as a “grey-haired granny” when she dies and not as the “young Queen” that everyone grew to love.

Chris Hawkes, a supporter of constitutional monarchy, said that this won’t necessarily be the case. After all, royal fans don’t normally regard their own grandparents just as a “grey-haired granny.”

Hawkes also said that anyone who has lived through the Queen’s reign or even those who have knowledge of history will remember the monarch more as the young Queen than a “grey-haired granny.”

Carol Miler, said that the Queen became the head of the British monarchy before she was born. And she was crowned six months after her birth. As such, she would always remember and love her as a young and beautiful Queen and as an aging and steadfast monarch.

Anders Wahlberg, a resident of the United Kingdom, had a different answer to the question. She said that he remembers watching the funeral of the Queen’s father on television years ago.

“I was five years old when Elizabeth was crowned (aged 27) so, yes, I remember her as a young and inexperienced queen, but I have to say she learned the job quickly and excellently. We could ask for no more than she has given,” he said.

Brian Overland, a citizen of the world, said that it’s hard to remember the Queen as a young monarch since there are limited clips of her from that time.

“However — unless Elizabeth II literally lives forever, which she seems bound and determined to do — expect someday for all the old film strips to come out, to be shown as retrospectives. She’s been a monarch longer than… what would you say? Anyone in the history of the entire planet. And she did her duty. Her whole life will be reviewed,” he said.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II announced a list of new bills ranging from implementing a yet-to-be finalized EU divorce agreement to criminal sentencing. POOL/Tolga Akmen