"Downton Abbey" fans are in for a surprise when the film adaptation of the popular TV drama comes to theaters on Sept. 20. Followers of the series likely already know that the storyline revolves around King George V and Queen Mary visiting the Crawley family, but what they may not know is that a specific belonging of Queen Elizabeth II is set to make a surprise cameo in the upcoming project.

As reported by People, photos from the set depict Geraldine James, who stars as Queen Mary, wearing the Vladimir Tiara. However, this unique object may not be instantly recognizable as it's gone through several iterations and has been worn a myriad of ways.

Originally, it had 15 large drop pearls, but Queen Mary eventually altered it to "be more adaptable, particularly to accommodate a set of 15 emerald drops won by Mary's grandmother in a charity lottery." The piece then made its way to Queen Elizabeth II, who has also worn it without any drops.

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How did the the designers behind "Downton Abbey" decide to go with that specific piece? According to Town & Country, they purposely opted to go with pieces that they felt the audience may recognize from the current members of the British royal family.

Additionally, the replica jewelry was created through a "painstaking process to make each as faithfully as possible and took many hours." As for whether or not Queen Elizabeth II had to give permission to use the likeness, fans may be surprised that the design did not have to pass through the monarch herself. Instead, only a typical clearance process was needed to copy the specific tiara.

"Downton Abbey" is set to hit theaters on Sept. 20

Queen Elizabeth
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is pictured attending the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 11, 2019, in London. Richard Pohle/AFP/Getty Images