For years, it has been rumored that Quentin Tarantino would one day work in partnership with J.J. Abrams to direct a new R-rated "Star Trek" movie. There had been very little movement on that front in the time following the initial reveal, but that all changed in a recent interview with Deadline. There, the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" writer divulged that he is still considering the project, and if he were to do it, he envisioned it to be "'Pulp Fiction' in space."

With rumors ramping up that Tarantino will be assisting Mark L. Smith, the man behind "The Revenant," on writing a script for the sci-fi film, Trekkies have been wondering if and when it will ever come to fruition. Luckily, when speaking with Deadline, the director gave a bit of hope to those who would like to see the project become fully realized.

The filmmaker continued by stating that actor Simon Pegg had once said that it wouldn't be "'Pulp Fiction' in space" if he were to do it, but Tarantino quickly shot down that notion.

"If I do it, that's exactly what it'll be. It'll be 'Pulp Fiction' in space. That 'Pulp Fiction'-y aspect, when I read the script, I felt, I have never read a science fiction movie that has this [expletive] in it, ever. There's no science fiction that has this in it."

As for the direction of the script, Tarantino discussed how "'Deadpool' showed that you can rethink these things, do them in a different way." He also shared that the R rating isn't necessarily important to him or Abrams as they are "just not worrying about stuff like that."

"Quentin, I love this idea because I think with 'Star Trek' we can go any way we want to," Abrams said to Tarantino while discussing the potential project and what would determine the rating. What's most important, he said, is that Paramount is satisfied with the idea and script.

As for where it stands today, "The Hateful Eight" director said, "... Mark wrote a really cool script. I like it a lot. There's some things I need to work on but I really, really liked it."