no racism
A protester from the activist group Code Pink holds an anti-racism and anti-hate banner as she interrupts the proceedings during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 19, 2016. Reuters

A video surfaced on the internet Monday showing an unarmed black woman surrounded by police with their guns drawn. The video drew outrage from social media users, who called the police officers "racist" for targeting the black woman.

The video shows the black woman with her both hands raised up while police had drawn their guns at her. It was unclear where the incident took place and why police had stopped the woman, who was believed to have been driving a car before being stopped by the officers. Some users said the incident took place in Inglewood, California, and that the police involved were from the Los Angeles Police Department.

"LA cops aim 5 guns at unarmed Black woman. Make her walk backward, lie down, like she's a super-villain Compare to Dylan Roof arrest. SC cops knew Roof had murdered 9 black folk + was armed. Cops saunter up, holster guns. Then buy him Burger King. Really," one user wrote.

Another user wrote: "Oooh! Scary! An unarmed black woman who looks like she weighs 110, soaking wet, is soooo threatening that at least 8 cops have guns drawn on her..." A third said: "Basically y’all missing the bigger picture, this isn’t about her gender identity but this is about a clearly unarmed probably harmless and innocent black woman, human being for that matter, being treated unfairly..."

Many social media users asked for an explanation from the police department for their action. Some users also accused the police of putting the woman's life in danger.