• One video showed two white women discuss the use of the "N" word
  • Another video showed two male students giving the "OK" hand signal, which is linked to white supremacy
  • The university is taking steps to address the incidents

Videos of Western Carolina University students making racial comments went viral on social media over the weekend, causing outrage. The university, which is located in North Carolina, has now condemned the racist videos.

"It is difficult to express the level of disappointment and disgust that I feel. But I know that my feelings pale in comparison to the anguish that our faculty, staff, students and alumni of color are feeling when they are confronted with these words and images. No one on our campus should feel that the environment is hostile or interferes with their ability to pursue their educational or work activities based on discrimination," Chancellor Kelli Brown said in a statement Monday.

One of the videos, posted on Facebook by a Black student, showed two white women discuss the use of the "N" word.

"If I am a cracker, you're allowed to be called the ("N" word) ... with the A ... not the ER," one of the students can be heard saying in the video while the other reiterates her. Throughout the video, some males can be heard using the "N" word repeatedly. The video appeared to be a Snapchat story.

Another video, which surfaced on social media Sunday, showed two male students giving the "OK" hand signal, which is linked to white supremacy.

"Hey ("N" word). I gotta tell you just because you throw up this like it’s an OK, doesn’t mean that it’s white power, okay? Now we might be f-----g Trump fans, but we ain’t racist man. Come on. Get your f-----g act together," a student tells in the video.

Another student then tells people to "ease off the racist s--t, bro" before saying "we’re not f-----g being racist, hop off."

The posts went viral, causing outrage.

"Wow their words and their attempt at justification are disgusting, as if they could possibly justify this. I hope WCU does something," one Facebook user wrote.

"Kick them out for going against the community creed and use their tuition to directly fund intercultural affairs and other community inclusive services on campus," wrote another user.

"What is wrong with these "students"? How did idiots like these even get into a university? Name 'em and shame 'em!" another Facebook user wrote.

In the statement, Brown said, "These last 24 hours have been a roller coaster of emotions for me and many others on this campus. Over the weekend there have been several videos of students, Western Carolina University students that are displaying behavior that is racist and bigoted. This behavior disappoints, angers, frustrated me to no end."

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She added the university is taking steps to address the incidents.

Brown also spoke to student leaders at the campus who expressed their fear and anxiety, and requested prompt action.

"Justifiable calls for action can be heard from across our campus community today. Rest assured, the University is taking active steps to address these particular incidents consistent with our University processes and policies; however, we cannot disclose specific actions taken against a specific student(s). With that in mind, our inability to communicate specific actions should not be construed as inaction. Western Carolina University takes seriously the effect that these videos have had on the campus community and will act accordingly," she said in the statement.

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