“Rainbow Six Siege” is considered to be a very modern game, what with all the operators using their high-tech gadgets to breach and clear objectives. However, the newest showdown event is here to shake things up by bringing “Rainbow Six Siege” to the Old West.

Starting July 2 until July 16, players will be able to participate in a new game mode. The new game mode will be a 3 vs. 3 showdown and the action closely resembles “Red Dead Redemption” rather than “Rainbow Six Siege.” Attackers and Defenders will be fighting over the objective in Fort Truth. Fort Truth is a brand new map designed specifically for this showdown event.

Watch the trailer below.

The trailer shows 3 Attackers and 3 Defenders positioned in a Wild West-esque shootout, and we can expect the event to play the same way. It’ll have much more close quarter combat than most “Rainbow Six Siege” players are used to, but that’s the fun of the event. It’s something new that Ubisoft brough to its players.

It wouldn’t be the Wild West unless the operators look like they just stepped out of a Western movie. From sheriff hats to old timey shotguns, players can unlock Western-themed cosmetics for Ash, Glaz, Twitch, Capitao, Caveira, Maverick, Rook, Maestro, Alibi, and Kaid. There are over 31 items in total, and each showdown pack is priced at 300 “Rainbow 6” credits.

Logging in during the event will grant players a free Showdown Collection Pack, and completing the Ubisoft Club Challenges will earn you another pack and a unique weapon skin for the BOSG.12.2.

“Rainbow Six Siege” has been getting increasingly creative with their events as of late. It’s unlikely this event will be used as inspiration for a new game, in the same way that the Outbreak event led to the development of “Rainbow Six Quarantine,” however, it is a nice change of pace from the usual style of gameplay that “Rainbow Six Siege” is known for.

During the E3 Press Conference, Ubisoft gave fans quite the surprise when they unveiled “Rainbow Six Quarantine.” The game, which spawns from the Outbreak event, focuses more on a PvE playstyle rather than the PvP playstyle that “Rainbow Six Siege” is known for.

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown
The new showdown event for "Rainbow Six Siege" places the operators in an Old West-esque location. The new game mode is 3 vs 3 showdown. Ubisoft / Rainbow Six Siege