Sylvester Stallone has teased new details about “Rambo 5: Last Blood,” which is tipped to be his last film as the former solder John. The actor also teased new stills from the movie that show the members of the Mexican Cartel, who are the villains.

Stallone filmed a video in a gym and shared it on his Instagram page. In the video the actor said that he is currently busy with the editing process of “Rambo 5.” The actor compared the experience of editing a film to getting one’s teeth pulled in the dentist chair without any painkillers. However, the editing of his new film was a different experience.

“Rambo 5” is apparently “coming together beautifully,” according to Stallone. The actor said that they are going to show the early cut of the film to studio executives, after which they will have to make some adjustments based on the notes they get.

Talking about what they have put together so far, Stallone said that the film will “surprise a lot of people.” The actor teased that the film has a “really good story,” and the ending is “unexpected.”

With all the work that has been done, Stallone feels that the film is on schedule to hit the theaters in September. It remains to be seen whether the studio executives will order extensive reshoots of the film, a move that could potentially delay the film. However, Stallone seems to be confident that everything will work out smoothly.

Stallone recently also shared two stills from “Rambo 5” on his Instagram page. The first picture is that of him as John, facing the villains in the film. The second picture appears to be that of the members of the Mexican Cartel that his character will be fighting.

“A brutal Storm is about to burst,” Stallone wrote in the post. The actor will be wielding his bow and arrow in the film, and he previously teased a picture of a scene in which his character uses his iconic weapon.

Sylvester Stallone shares "Rambo 5: Last Blood" production update with fans online.