“Rambo 5,” supposedly the final film of the franchise, will see a lot of blood being spilled. Sylvester Stallone, who is reprising his titular role, has teased a dialogue from the film, along with what appears to be a still from one of the scenes. The actor previously shared a video from the production set, announcing that he had filmed the last scene.

“Death is coming your way, and there’s nothing in this world you can do to stop it...” Stallone posted on his Instagram page, quoting a line his character says to a gang of killers in the film.

The picture from “Rambo 5: Last Blood” shows Stallone’s character wielding a bow and arrow, iconic weapons of the character that he has used before. The upcoming film will be a culmination of all the previous films, and the fans will get to relive some of the old scenes with nostalgic moments.

Apart from the bow and arrow, the character will also carry his iconic knife. The new knife has a name, and its called “Heart stopper.” Stallone previously teased a picture of this knife on his Instagram page.

Filming has already wrapped for “Rambo 5.” In a video message on Instagram, Stallone confirmed that this is the very last time he will be playing this iconic character. Talking about the plot, Stallone said that his character finally finds what he assumes to be peace, with a family, belonging and love. That is only in the beginning of the film, as this peace is later taken from him, forcing him to once again take up arms and seek revenge.

Stallone joked about the depressing nature of the plot and said that it was a kids' film that has reindeers at the back with snow and gumdrops. On a more serious note, the actor teased that this is the most “intense” action-packed “Rambo” film he has ever done.

Rambo was last seen going back home. He will be seen living the life of a farmer at the beginning of the film. According to Screen Rant, the plot revolves around the former soldier going on a rescue mission after a friend’s daughter gets kidnapped by Mexican cartel.

“Rambo 5: Last Blood” will be released sometime in 2019. The actual release date is yet to be announced. The film was directed by Adrian Grunberg.