WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT continue reading unless you’ve watched the series premiere of “Ravenswood.”

ABC Family introduced its latest series, “Ravenswood,” on Tuesday, and we are hooked! The spooky spinoff of “Pretty Little Liars” welcomed some brand new characters (and Caleb, an old favorite) while telling a chilling tale of a deadly curse that haunts the town.

[Missed the series premiere? Click HERE to read a recap of the pilot episode.]

The drama will continue next Tuesday with “Ravenswood” episode 2, “Death And The Maiden,” and we’ve got the scoop on what you can expect!

Last time viewers left off, Caleb, Remy, Olivia, Luke and Miranda got into a terrible car accident that left their car in water. In episode 2 the five teens will struggle with the “aftermath of what happened at the Ravenswood Homecoming Parade” … and it won’t be easy.

Remy noticed a startling coincidence in town newspaper stories during the pilot while looking up Caleb and Miranda’s deceased relatives. The teen will continue to “draw troubling parallels between recent events and painful chapters in Ravenswood history” in the coming episode, but that’s not her only problem. Her boyfriend, Luke, seems to have a problem with Caleb being around. But unfortunately for Luke, Caleb’s not going anywhere until he starts getting some answers about his past.

Luke’s problems don’t just lie with Caleb. In episode 2 he’ll be trying to help his sister Olivia “face some hard truths about their parents.”

Meanwhile, Caleb comes “face-to-face with the last person he ever expected to see” and Miranda “can’t quite grasp her new reality.”

Our thoughts? Based on the promo video for the episode, we’d have to say that Miranda’s either a ghost or Caleb gets a visit from his relative of the same name.

Episode 2 of "Ravenswood" will air on ABC Family on Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. (its regular time). Watch the promo video for “Death And The Maiden” below and let us know what you think.