In video captured as Ray J left the police station, the R&B singer was smiling but refused to answer questions about the incident. Retuers

Singer and music producer Ray J was arrested on Friday night following a confrontation that occurred between him and Beverly Hills police officers at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

According to TMZ, the singer made contact with a woman’s butt while he was at the hotel’s bar drinking. Authorities were called to report a sexual battery. But Beverly Hills police say it was determined the contact was “incidental” and not a sexual battery.

Ray J was then asked to leave the hotel and complied. Once he reached the valet area, though, authorities say he became upset and would not drive off the premises. Hotel security made a citizen’s arrest of Ray J, says TMZ. He was then taken into custody by officers.

While in custody, Ray Jay allegedly spit on an officer and kicked out the back window of a police vehicle. He was booked by authorities for vandalism, resisting arrest, trespassing and battery on a police officer. The singer didn’t seem rattled by the incident, smiling pleasantly in video taken as he left the station, and declined to answer any questions.