• Natalie White has been charged with the arson of an Atlanta Wendy’s
  • The restaurant was burned during protests following Rayshard Brooks’ shooting death
  • White’s lawyers confirm she was Brooks’ “girlfriend”

A woman charged with the arson of a Wendy’s in Atlanta, Georgia following the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks by police is out on a $10,000 bond after her arrest Tuesday (June 23).

Lawyers for Natalie White, 29, also announced that she was Brooks’ "girlfriend" at the time of his death.

White voluntarily turned herself in after a warrant was issued for her arrest Tuesday.

Bodycam footage of the June 12 traffic stop that ultimately ends in Brooks’ death showed that he had referred a "girlfriend."

White’s attorney Drew Findiling told the New York Post that White and Brooks “were close friends.” He also confirmed that she was the woman Brooks was referring to has his girlfriend in the bodycam footage.

At the time of his death, Brooks was married to Tomika Miller. Findling declined to further comment on Brooks’ relationship with White “out of respect” to the family who held a funeral.

Findling also denied that White set fire to the Wendy’s, telling Fox 9, “Natalie did not set that Wendy’s on fire, I want to make that point clear.”

He confirmed, however, that White was the woman seen on security footage appearing to ignite an aerosol can just moments before the restaurant burned. The same video showed other people who were smashing store windows.

A judge ordered White, who is a graduate of the University of Georgia, to stay off social media while her case was being decided. White was to be held under house arrest with an ankle monitor.

The Wendy’s was set on fire during protests after Brooks was killed in the restaurant’s parking lot. Surveillance and bystander video of the shooting went viral online and sparked protests at the restaurant.

Brooks died after being shot during an attempted arrest. He had failed a sobriety test then scuffled and ran away from officers, one of whom shot him when he attempted to point a Taser back.

Garret Rolfe, the officer who fired the gun, was fired and charged with murder days later.