Razer Project Fiona: World's first true gaming tablet
Razer Project Fiona: World's first true gaming tablet IBTimes

San-Diego, Calif.-based gaming products and accessories maker Razer unveiled the world's first true gaming tablet, nicknamed Project Fiona, at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

Right now there are a lot of tablets out in the market that play games but they all play application games such as Angry Birds, Cut the Fruit or Fruit Ninja.

However, Project Fiona tablet is designed to play hard-core games that a desktop or gaming console can play, games such as FireFall or Space Marine.

However, Project Fiona is a concept device and its launch will depend on the feedback from the gaming community, fans and industry experts. Using that feedback, Razer will make changes/enhancements on the device in preparation of its eventual launch.

As you can see in the photo below, the tablet comes with controllers but nothing's set in stone, except for the fact that it will run the next generation Intel processor.

We work very very close with Intel and that is something we have decided on, a Razer representative said.

However, when prodded, the representative added that the gaming tablet will also launch with the PC version (and not tablet version) of Windows 8.

The tablet will also come with accelerometer and gyroscope (for racing games).

Project fiona is being touted as the ultimate gaming tablet as there are three methods of input into the device - the 2 joysticks on the sides, the touchscreen and the gyroscope.

And when will the device hit the market?

With enough positive feedback, we do plan to push a form of Project Fiona out sometime in 2012 with the target price point of under $1,000, the representative said. I'll be the first to stand in the line when that happens.

What do you think? Is Project Fiona viable? Do we really need a gaming tablet? Leave your comments below.