Kyle Richards
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards, photographed at an NBCUniversal after-party following the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards in January 2011, recently revealed she has not spoken to sister Kim Richards since Brooke Brinson's wedding. Reuters

Things aren’t looking good for the relationship between sisters Kim and Kyle Richards. The pair, who star alongside one another on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” spent much of Season 5 at odds over Kim’s sobriety, among other issues. The 50-year-old briefly headed to rehab for a second time, but it does not appear to be have mended their broken friendship.

TMZ’s cameras caught up with Kyle, who was out on a coffee run in Beverly Hills. The 46-year-old told the site her sister was doing “good,” and assured viewers she was back in with the family. When asked if her sister planned to return to rehab, the Kyle seemed unsure though she said it was “the plan.”

Although she assured the TMZ cameraman that Kim had the support of her and her family, it appears the pair -- both former child actors -- are not back to where they once were in their relationship. When asked about Kim’s whereabouts, Kyle revealed that she hadn’t spoken to her sister since Kim's daughter Brooke’s wedding in Mexico May 24.

According to reports, Kim relapsed yet again during her daughter’s wedding. The star is said to have been so out of control her sober coach quit and her 29-year-old daughter is no longer speaking to her. Several sources who were present at the wedding say Kim was “a mess,” adding that she was clearly under the influence, though they could not confirm whether it was drugs or alcohol. Kim received a pass from the rehab facility she recently checked in to to go to the wedding, though she was told she had to report back by May 25. She has reportedly not yet returned to the facility.

Kim was arrested April 16 after police responded to a call from staff at The Beverly Hills Hotel claiming that the reality star was causing a scene. Upon arrival she is said to have locked herself in a bathroom, refusing to come out. After being removed by police, Kim was taken to the station where she reportedly kicked an officer. She was charged with public intoxication, assault on a police officer, trespassing and resisting arrest. She will appear in court June 10.