Kim Richards, star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," sat down with Phil McGraw to discuss her recent arrest as well as her sobriety during an exclusive episode of "The Dr. Phil Show." Richards was arrested April 16 at the Beverly Hills Hotel after a waiter at the Polo Lounge asked her to leave, claiming she was highly intoxicated. Richards refused, prompting the maitre d' to call the police. After reportedly refusing to leave a bathroom in the hotel, the 50-year-old reality TV figure was taken into custody around 2 a.m. PDT.

Nearly two weeks after the incident, Richards is finally telling her side of the story. During her tell-all interview she revealed what she could recall from the night of her arrest, shared previously unknown information about her sobriety and more.

Here are the nine most important things we learned from Kim Richards' appearance on "The Dr. Phil Show." Check it out.

1. She Claims She Was Not Drinking During Season 5 Of 'RHOBH'

Although TMZ previously reported otherwise, Richards claimed she was not drinking during filming for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." She told Dr. Phil she was hurt by the rest of the cast, especially Lisa Rinna, questioning her sobriety. According to her account, this led her to relapse between the end of filming and the show's three-part reunion special.

2. Kim Blames Cyber Bullies, 'RHOBH' And Her Strained Relationship With Sister Kyle Richards 

During her interview, Richards told McGraw that she "didn't feel strong enough" to watch Season 5 back. She was visiting her daughter Brooke when she finally mustered up the strength to watch the volatile season of the hit reality show. Richards shared that she logged into Twitter to see what viewers had to say about her behavior before watching. She told Dr. Phil being called "a drunk" by viewers made her angry. "They don't know me, they don't know what goes on behind the scenes." 

The former child star also said the added pressure of a feud with her sister Kyle Richards didn't help matters any.

"The bottom line is it's the overall outcome of where today is with my relationships with the people I love the most," she said. "That's what really started getting me upset."

3. Richards Said She Only Had One Drink The Night Of Her Arrest

While both police and hotel staff described Richards as "belligerent," she maintained that she had only one drink that night. By her account, she "poured a drink of vodka," which she said was about two inches high in a small glass. 

Richards claimed to know what she was doing was wrong from the moment she poured the drink, but couldn't resist. She later conceded that perhaps the drink "was bigger than I thought."

4. She Went To The Beverly Hills Hotel Because It Was 'Familiar'

Richards told Dr. Phil that, after having the drink of vodka at her daughter's apartment, she got in the car and began driving home. During her drive she started feeling the effects of the alcohol and decided it would be best to get off the road. She said she saw the Beverly Hills Hotel, a familiar place to her, and decided to pull in. 

Upon entering the hotel, she went to the Polo Lounge, which she claims was nearly empty. She revealed that she saw one other group of people in the swanky club and, thinking that she knew them, struck up a conversation. It was then that she was approached and asked to leave.

5. She Was Incoherent, Can't Recall All The Details Of Her Arrest

While she attempted to recall the arrest to the best of her ability, Richards admitted that she could not "remember the whole night," adding that "everything's kind of in waves." She said she was not blacked out, but had been in "a fog."

6. This Was Not Her First Time Drink Since Getting Sober

Richards told Dr. Phil this was not the first time she'd relapsed since getting sober in 2011. She admitted that she has had glasses of wine within the last few months, though she was adamant that none of her drinking took place during filming.

7. Son Chad Claims Her Issues Are Not Just With Alcohol

According to Richards' son, her substance abuse extends beyond alcohol abuse. Toward the end of the interview, while trying to convince his mother to go to rehab, Chad revealed that she has taken pills and smoked marijuana as well.

8. Kim's Children Don't Feel Brandi Glanville Is The Best Company For Her

After joining her on set, the reality star's children told Dr. Phil they felt Brandi Glanville may not be the best influence on their mother. Glanville is known to drink and lash out on the show, making her the center of much controversy. Chad said Glanville was "toxic," adding that he felt his mother should "be hanging around people that are supportive of your sobriety."

9. Richards Declined Dr. Phil's Treatment Offer

The "RHOBH" star stormed off the set during filming while Dr. Phil explained the treatment plan he had outlined for her. She claimed she was too anxious to continue the discussion, later revealing that she did not feel his plan would be best for her. According to Dr. Phil, she had a change of heart the next day, but later reverted to her initial stand. He could neither confirm nor decline that Kim sought treatment or not, though it has been reported that she did.