melissa gorga
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga, photographed at the premiere of Tyler Perry's film "Madea's Witness Protection" in June 2012, recently opened up about Teresa Giudice's imprisonment. According to the reality star Teresa is "doing as well as expected" behind bars. Reuters

Teresa Giudice is doing just fine in prison, despite reports claiming otherwise. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star has been in a Connecticut women’s prison since Jan. 5, where she is serving a 15-month sentence for fraud. Multiple outlets have reported that Teresa has clashed with fellow inmates over special treatment she was believed to be receiving because of her celebrity status.

According to Us Weekly these claims are false. Fellow “RHONJ” cast mate and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga told the magazine Teresa is “doing as well as can be expected” in prison. Beyond giving a brief update, however, Melissa did not want to discuss her in-law’s current situation any further.

“You know, she’s doing well for what’s going on,” she said.

Although Melissa declined to comment further about Teresa’s life behind bars, recent comments from her lawyer support claims that she is adjusting well. James J. Leonard Jr. told People on Thursday that his client is not butting heads in the big house. Leonard claimed she has “adapted extremely well” to her surroundings,” adding that she has “not had a single incident” since reporting to prison nearly five months ago.

“If you’re in prison and you have problems with another inmate, the other inmate doesn’t anonymously go to a gossip blog and report the problem,” he said. “They step to the inmate and they confront the problem and it gets dealt with one way or another.”

According to the magazine Leonard was able to “secure an early release date” for Teresa months ago. The reality star will be headed home Dec. 23, nearly four months before the end of her sentence. Unfortunately her release from prison doesn’t mean she’s a free woman. She will be forced to remain on house arrest through February 2016.