The ladies of "The Real Housewives of New York City" hit the Hamptons for what should have been a nice, relaxing brunch. In true "Housewives" fashion the meal quickly erupted into an all out screaming match between two cast members. (From left to right: Sonja Morgan, LuAnn de Lesseps, Bethenny Frankel, Carol Radziwill, Ramona Singer, Dorinda Medley, Kristen Taekman, Heather Thomson) Bravo

It was only the second episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” but those feisty women were already getting into it. The eight ladies of the Big Apple headed to the Hamptons, as they often do during the warmer months, and attempted to enjoy a nice brunch. Naturally it wasn’t long before the drama was served up!

LuAnn de Lesseps mentioned in the previous episode that, following her nasty break up from longtime love interest Jacques Azoulay, she planned to sell her home in the Hamptons to start fresh in a new Summer bachelorette pad. To celebrate the big move, the Countess decided to invite her co-stars over to check out her new place. Things were going fine until Bethenny Frankel, who returned to the show after a five year hiatus, began feuding with Ramona Singer over who would host the aforementioned brunch.

“My next book is ‘B---hes Who Brunch,’” Frankel quipped. “It’s good to see Ramona’s still f--king nuts.”

The two have a longstanding history of feuding, so it should come as no surprise to “RHONY” fans that their attempt to talk out their issues didn’t go well. Frankel tried to have her voice heard over Ramona, who as you may recall has a tendency to favor being the loudest one in any argument, but had little success. Ramona halfheartedly tried to quell the argument telling the Skinny Girl CEO to “take a deep breath.” Bethenny ultimately decided to exit stage left, making a mad dash for her car.

“All of a sudden I was in a straight jacket,” she said in her confessional. “I was ‘Girl, Interrupted.’”

Although things between Ramona and Bethenny didn’t go well, there was a moment of clarity for the 58-year-old. While visiting her posh staycation home, Ramona pulled LuAnn aside and did something that shocked viewers everywhere - she apologized. The recent divorcée said she owed LuAnn “the biggest apology” for being judgmental of her relationship and accusing her former husband Alexandre de Lesseps of being a cheater. As you may recall, Ramona’s husband of 22 years, Mario Singer, cheated on her in 2014. The pair tried to work through their issues last season and things appeared to be going well, but in the end they decided to go their separate ways. The divorce has been difficult on Ramona and will play a large part in her storyline this season.

“Now I know what you went through...I’m so upset about what I said. It was callous,” she said.

LuAnn, who has garnered a reputation for being one of the more level-headed women on the show, was in no rush to forgive and forget. “I’ve had apologies from you before,” she said adding that she was willing to forgive, “but I will never forget.”

Tune in next week where the battle over brunch continues Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.