“Real Housewives of Orange County”
The ladies of “Real Housewives of Orange County” gathered to discuss the drama from Season 11 in part one of the three-part Season 11 reunion on Monday. Bravo

The first portion of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” Season 11 reunion aired on Bravo Monday and it was, as expected, an all out melee. Insults and accusations were hurled by all, suggesting that even months later some wounds from the season have yet to heal — especially those caused by Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd.

Much of the episode centered around drama involving the self-proclaimed O.G. of the O.C. Host Andy Cohen kicked off the show by diving right into what may be the biggest “Real Housewives” scandal to date — Brooks Ayers’ faking cancer. Vicki’s former beau was not a part of Season 11 of “RHOC,” but the belief that she was involved in his hoax drove a wedge between her and many members of the cast. While Vicki was not interested in discussing her ex nor his fake diagnosis, none of the other topics discussed during part one of the reunion played out much better for her.

Kelly also found herself in the line of fire during the show. After the cast took turns ribbing Vicki over Brooks, rumors she spread about Shannon and David Beador and various other offenses, it was the “RHOC” Season 11 rookie’s turn. Kelly was attacked by co-stars Tamra Judge and Shannon for her callous language during filming and perpetuating Vicki’s rumors among other things.

With the tensions of so many “Real Housewives” stars flaring all at once, there are bound to be a few moments that stick out more than others. Here are the six most jaw-dropping moments from part one of the three-part Season 11 “RHOC” reunion:

Vicki Adamantly Denied Partaking In The Season 10 Cancer Scandal:

If there’s one thing “RHOC” viewers learned during Season 11, it’s that Vicki is not interested in talking about ex-boyfriend Brooks and his falsified cancer records any more. That didn’t stop Andy from going there, however, leaving the longtime cast member shouting in frustration. Vicki stood by initial claims that she had nothing to do with what Brooks did in Season 10, adding that if she could do it all over again she would have followed in Meghan King Edmonds’ footsteps and been more investigative. This is a stark contrast from the Season 10 reunion, during which she told Andy and her co-stars that she would stand by her boyfriend’s side through it a second time.

Vicki May Believe That Brooks Is Her Soulmate:

During the discussion about Brooks and his cancer, Heather Dubrow revealed to the rest of the cast and those viewing at home that during the “RHOC” trip to Ireland in Season 11, Vicki said that she hoped to be reunited with Brooks in heaven. This secret surfacing during the reunion flustered Vicki, who then backpedaled claiming she hoped to be meet up with all her former lovers when she got to heaven. She claimed that the other women didn’t know Brooks the way she did, telling Andy that despite having lied about cancer for attention he was a good man deep down. In the spirit of being shady, Andy raised a question to the cast about whether they felt that Brooks would make it to heaven. Tamra, who found God in Season 10, said with certainty that there was no way he’d be there.

Tamra And Kelly Are Still At Odds:

While Shannon, Heather and Vicki argued about what exactly Vicki said in Ireland and who she’s in love with, Andy pulled Kelly into the conversation asking what she thought about the Brooks situation. Kelly revealed that she did not watch the show until she was asked to join the cast and, therefore, did not have strong feelings about Brooks. She did, however, seize the opportunity to attack Tamra, telling Andy she didn’t think she was a good Christian. When asked why Kelly said that Tamra was “two-faced,” an allegation that shocked Tamra, Heather and Shannon.

Meghan King Edmonds Sided With David In The 70s Party Feud:

After discussing cancergate for what felt like a decade, Andy moved on to a viewer question about Vicki and David’s shouting match during Shannon’s 70s-themed party. The “RHOC” fan accused Vicki of getting in David’s face, which she vehemently denied. Meghan, the youngest of the cast members, chimed in to say that she is a firm believer in gender equality and, as such, felt that David had every right to get in her face. She added that this stance may not be popular with the cast because it was a “millennial” view.

Kelly Has No Regrets:

The spotlight was once again shined on Kelly, dubbed “the most polarizing housewife” on the “RHOC” cast. When asked if she felt badly about any of the nasty things she said during Season 11, Kelly told Andy she had no regrets about the way she treated any of her costars. She did, however, feel badly for showing her husband in a negative light throughout the season. Kelly repeatedly claimed that Michael Dodd was diagnosed with a personality disorder and had a drinking problem, both of which contributed to her desire to divorce him. During the reunion it seemed that things had changed between the two of them however. Kelly chalked Michael’s faults up to him being a narcissist, though both Shannon and Tamra seemed to feel she was unclear on what that word actually meant.

Shannon Claims She Did Not Set Kelly Up:

Shannon came under fire in Season 11 for seemingly inviting two women to her 70s party that had vendettas against Kelly. One greeted Kelly by discussing an alleged affair she’d had, while the other called her names later in the night and spread rumors about how she makes her money. Shannon, along with several other members of the “RHOC” cast, admitted that it looked as though she was trying to set Kelly up during the party. However, Shannon said that she had enough drama in her life without “manufacturing” it.

Catch part 2 of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” Season 11 reunion on Bravo Monday, Nov. 15, at 10 p.m. EST.