• James Charles said he shaved his head
  • His new look gained a multitude of attention and reactions from Twitter users
  • Many speculated online that he was using a bald cap

Make-up artist and social media influencer James Charles debuted his new bald look Thursday, leaving many to wonder if it was fake or real.

Charles was seen with his new look on Thursday night at Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles, Just Jared reported. Before entering the restaurant, Charles indulged photographers outside by posing for a few snaps.

The 21-year-old YouTube star did a quick interview with the photographers, during which one of them asked if he shaved his head.

“I did. Did you like it?” Charles told a few photographers. In a video uploaded on YouTube, the New York native also said that it was going to be his new look.

“It’s real,” Charles confirmed, after telling the photographers that he did it to himself., Just Jared reported.

Charles also shared a few photographs of his latest look on Twitter.

His tweet gained a multitude of attention and reactions from Twitter users. The photos have close to 100,000 likes, with more than 3,000 quote tweets and 2,500 retweets.

However, despite Charles’ confirmation, several netizens think his bald head is fake and that it was only a bald cap.

One netizen zoomed in and cropped a snap of Charles’ photo that night, showing the back of his head. Apparently, it had folds similar to those using bald caps.

“Oh sis, you tried. But we know,” she said.

Aside from the fake bald head speculations, numerous memes also surfaced on Twitter, with one of them comparing Charles to the cleaning product, Mr. Clean.

“I love the new James Charles look,” another netizen tweeted along with a snap of the 1995 “Toy Story’s” Babyhead.

Charles’ new look was also compared to the famous antagonist wizard in Harry Potter, Lord Voldermort.

Charles rose to fame in 2016 after a tweet of his make-up video went viral. He also became Covergirl’s first male ambassador.

Currently, Charles’ YouTube channel has over 25 million followers, while his Twitter and Instagram accounts have more than 7.8 million and 26.8 million followers, respectively.